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Monthly Garden Tips - April

Plant Perennials – Create that English of cottage garden you have been dreaming about. Or, start that Mediterranean villa look you have seen in the magazines. We got the plants to do it all.

Veggies – Time to prepare the soil and plant broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, chard, endives, lettuce, peas, radishes, rhubarb, spinach, and others. The brave can plant tomatoes, or wait till late in the month to be sure against frost damage. Be sure to incorporate lots of organic compost into the soil.

Fruits and berries – Plant new varieties! Use manure or compost for blueberries, cane and trailing berries. You can apply organic fertilizers to the soil before topdressing.

Pruning shrubs and trees – Wait till after flowering to thin and shape your trees and shrubs. Don’t remove more than 30% of the growth to avoid shock. Any plant you have to consistently restrict that much may need replacement with a more suitable species.

Fertilize – Your lawn could use a good kick start. Use an organic formula such as “Dr. Earth Lawn Fertilizer” to avoid a nitrogen rush. No need to mow more than you have to. It’s also a good month to fertilize the rest of the garden as well.

Bugs and Fungus can still take your plants – Watch for slugs and snails in the garden, black spot and powdery mildew on roses, and botrytis on peonies. There are more evil critters out there to kill your lovely plants, so keep an eye out and catch it early before real damage occurs. Use preventative treatments for apple scab, cherry brown rot and blossom bright. Use natural products and earth friendly pest control methods. The key is monitoring.