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Landscape Maintenance


Our staff members are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.

The Crew

There is a combined experience of 96 years in the staff of Home Grown Gardens services division. In house training as well as off site training has equipped staff to understand and handle most all challenges in your yard and garden.

Landscape Maintenance Services

Mowing, edging, hardscape cleaning, full garden maintenance. Following seasonal schedule.


We have qualified staff that understand what to prune, when to prune and how to prune.

Garden Clean Ups

Getting behind in the garden? Need help catching up? Let us quote you a one time clean up to get you back on track.

Sprinkler maintenance and servicing

Winterizing, spring start ups, sprinkler repair and scheduling. We are trained and licenced to take care of your irrigation needs.

Deep Root Feeding

Getting fertilizer to the roots of trees and shrubs boosts their performance. We use soil treatments that build the soil biology, aid in nutrient uptake, plant resistance to disease and pest attacks.

Lawn Aeration

Open the soil, improve the root zone, break up thatch and improve the lawns performance overall with soil aeration. Should be done at least once a year.

Lawn Dethatching

Some lawns build up thatch layers that repel water penetration and harbor pests. Dethatching helps improve lawn performance.

Lawn Overseeding

Should be done at least every five years or so. Done with dethatching operation and elimination of weed species in the lawn. Makes a thick strong stand of grass.

Lawn and Landscape Fertilization

Proper fertilization builds a healthy root system, thickens the turf stand that pushes out weeds and protects against disease and pests.

Lawn and Garden Weed Management

Weeds are inevitable. Let us help with a program to keep weds in check in the lawn and garden beds.

Garden Pest Control

Got pests? We are licensed to treat for garden pests and diseases. We can prescribe and apply treatments to keep your plants healthy and looking good.