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Best Landscape Practices

Winterizing the Garden

Even though we have fairly mild winters here in the Willamette Valley paying attention to winter care might save some important garden plants in your garden.

Remember the winter of 2012-2013 when we have the December hard freeze event?  we got to minus four degrees here at the nursery.  A hard freeze is defined as air temperatures below 25 degrees for over four hours. The result of the December 2012 freeze was devastating to many zone 8 plants.

Some of the plants that froze to the ground that winter came back after 12-24 months such as Escallonia, Viburnum Spring Bouquet, Strawberry Tree and others.

Growing the Best Lawn

Growing The Best Lawn, Chapter 1
Having the best lawn in the neighborhood is not as hard as it seems.  Most of us don't really care that our lawn is the best, but we do want a nice looking lawn.  Others could care less what their lawn looks like.  I will be addressing only those who care here.
 A good lawn involves even uniform appearance, meaning it has the same green tones throughout, not blotchy with other grass varieties invading that have a different texture, color or both.