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Like many nursery businesses, Home Grown Gardens is a local, family run business. The Cope family forms the core management team. We also have a talented staff ready to help and serve you, our customer.

We are committed to the ecological health of our community, our country and our planet. We offer sustainable and natural approaches to plant and pest management through the use of organic fertilizers, compost and natural pest controls. We emphasize the importance of "building up" the soil to achieve the optimum growing conditions for your garden.

We seek to provide a fun shopping experience full of discovery around every corner! We provide a good selection of high quality plants, many of which are grown by us!

Jeff & Donna Cope Co-Owners, HGG

Jeff is General Manager of Home Grown Gardens. With over 35 years experience in horticulture, Jeff is "living the dream" managing a retail nursery. Donna is the Marketing/Merchandising Specialist. Donna oversees marketing, merchandising & office administration.

Oliver "Opie" Cope Operations Manager

Opie brings his experience in service business and retail. Opie is also co-owner and our key plant buyer. He manages inventory and performs a myriad of other jobs here at the nursery.

The Services Division

We have a combined experience of over 96 years in the services division. We do landscape design, landscape construction and maintenance. See the services pages for photo gallery