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Monthly Garden Tips - November
November is the month to get ready for winter.  Here are some things you should plan to address in the garden:
FRUIT TREES- Clean up diseased leaves and any mummified fruit on the trees.  Once leaves are gone use Liquid Copper on your peaches, nectarines, cherries and apricots and Lime Sulfur for the apples and pears.
BULBS – Get them in the ground.  Its good to get them early, but you have till the end of December if you are a procrastinator. 
LAWNS – Forgot to fertilize last month?  You can still put down a good organic fertilizer.  The benefit will be a stronger resurgence in the spring.  Thick turf means less invasive weeds.
PRUNING – February is the month to prune roses, but if yours are tall and in danger of damage from snow then you should cut them back part way to lessens the chance of damage. Cut them cay in height and finish the dormant pruning after the new year.  Other than that don’t do much pruning except dead and damaged wood removal.
PLANTING – It’s not too late to do your fall planting, but get it done before December if you can to beat the cold and wet soil and weather.
MULCH – If you haven’t already done so apply 2-4 inches on compost/mulch in your flower beds.  Vegetable gardens can use a cover crop/mulch for the winter.  Steer manure works well for winter cover in vegetable gardens, or consider a green cover crop.  If you really want to do it up use ½-1 inch of  worm castings in those vegetable, annual and perennial beds and then top that off with mulch, what a difference it will come spring. 
PERENNIAL BEDS – If you haven’t done so, you want to clean those perennial beds, cutting back spent flowers and cleaning out dead undergrowth.  Divide peonies and iris, daylilies too.
SPRINKLER AND DRIP SYSTEMS – Drain your irrigation systems and prepare for those freezing night time temperatures.  Also, make sure your garden drains well over the winter. You may want to open drains, clean out drainage swales and correct any chronic wet spots.