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 Monthly Garden Tips - July
Tend those perennials – Water deeply at least once a week, dead head, monitor for aphids and chewers.  We still have perennials for you to fill in those empty spots in the garden, and now is the time to plant those late summer bloomers on Black Eyed Susan, Cone Flower and Asters.
Fruits and berries – Last chance to plant new varieties.  Use manure or compost for blueberries, cane and trailing berries.  You can apply organic fertilizers to the soil before topdressing.
Pruning shrubs and trees – Avoid heavy pruning in the summer heat.  Wait till after flowering to thin and shape your trees and shrubs.  Don’t remove more than 30% of the growth to avoid shock.  Any plant you have to consistently restrict that much may need replacement with a more suitable species.
Fertilize – Water lawns two to three times a week averaging about 1 inch of water per week.  Your can do a late fertilization with an organic slow release fertilizer. Use an organic formula such as “Bio Turf” by Down to Earth to avoid a nitrogen rush.  (No need to mow more than you have to.)  It’s also a good month to fertilize the rest of the garden as well.
Bugs and Fungus – Monitor for powdery mildew of roses, clematis, dahlias and other susceptible plants.  Use neem oil as a preventative or soap.  Slugs and snails are active in the garden, use Sluggo, if you also suspect cutworms use Sluggo Plus with Spinosad.  Place traps for apple maggot flies.  Spider mites like the dry conditions and can make a fast attack on your plants.  Washing down the plants with water helps, but neem and soap provide greater prevention and control.