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 Monthly Garden Tips - October
WINTER PROTECTION – You might want to mulch now to protect your roses, rhododendrons and azaleas this month.
BUGS – Spinosad is a great all purpose naturally derived product to control garden pests including crane fly larvae and root weevils.  Use Sluggo and Sluggo Plus for slugs and other slimy critters.
BULBS – There is still time to dig tuberous begonia bulbs and store in a dry location for the winter.  Daffodils, tulips, and crocus are in at HGG, so plant for spring color.  Get those beds ready using organic sources of calcium and phosphorus to prepare the soil.  We have Down to Earth organic fertilizers sitting on the shelf ready for you to take home.
LAWNS – This is the last time to fertilize!  Keep watering until the rain takes over, about an inch a week.
PRUNING – It’s really getting close to the time to stop pruning for the year.  You can do some pruning and heading back now which will allow some re-growth before winter, but don’t go too heavy.  It’s best to hold out till dormant season for most deciduous shrubs and trees.
PLANTING – Its fall and it’s a good time for planting and transplanting trees, shrubs and perennials.  They can get their roots out into the warm soil and be poised to come out strong in the spring.
MULCH – If you haven’t already done so apply 2-4 inches on compost/mulch in your flower beds.  Vegetable gardens can use a cover crop/mulch for the winter.  We now have cover crops on the shelf.  I would discourage the use of bark only mulches because they don’t add much to the soil. 
PERENNIAL BEDS – Late September, and into November, you want to clean up your perennials, cutting back spent flowers and cleaning out dead undergrowth.  It’s a good time to divide peonies and iris, daylilies too.  Stake those tall flowers that are still going strong.