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Monthly Garden Tip - JANUARY
FRUIT TREES AND ROSES -  Spray cherry trees for bacterial canker using liquid copper and spreader sticker.  Spray your peaches with lime sulfur  for peach leaf curl.
DRAINAGE – Monitor drainage problems and determine the best solution, surface drainage, or subterranean.  Collect, conduct and dispose are the three keys to yard drainage.
LAWNS – Stay off frozen lawns, rake leaves and mow if you can and if it needs it. 
PRUNING – Tie up or remove branches prone to breakage from and snow falls we may get.
MULCH – If you haven’t already done so apply 2-4 inches on compost/mulch in your flower beds.   
INDOOR GARDENING – water as needed, fertilize and monitor for pests.  Clean the dust off the leaves with a damp cloth.  You can propagate philodendrons, scheffleras and other tropicals by air-layering.
PROPAGATION - If you plan to do some grafting cut and store the scion wood in a cool place. Take hardwood cuttings of deciduous trees and shrubs.
VEGETABLE GARDENS – If you have well drained soil you can start garden peas and sweet peas.  Try Oregon Sugar Pod II, and Sugar Snap.   Plan your garden this month using a planning calendar.
PERENNIALS – Not a lot to do with perennials this month, except planning.  Go through those catalogs and magazines to make your selections.  Perennials can be selected with many characteristics including drought tolerance, deer resistance, wildlife attractors, and many colors and sizes.  Have fun with the planning.
PLANTING – January is not a great time to plant anything, except bare root trees and shrubs if you can work the soil and need to get them in the ground.  February and March may be better to plant the bare root stock.