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Monthly Garden Tips - FEBRUARY
FRUIT TREES AND ROSES -  This may be the last chance to get ahead of disease on your roses and fruit trees. Use Horticultural Oil and Copper to clean up before bud breaks.
LAWNS – Later this month apply organic based fertilizer.  Get them growing to keep out those pesky lawn weeds.   Dr. Earth makes a great organic lawn fertilizer!
PRUNING – Time to prune those roses, deciduous shrubs summer-blooming shrubs and trees and fruit trees.  Its also time to prune and train trailing berries, cane berries and grapes.
VEGETABLE GARDENS –  Spade in that cover crop or some organic matter.  Time to plant asparagus, onions, sow peas, favas and spinach.  Get ready to start those vegetables for planting next month.  You can sow cole crops such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts into flat trays for planting out next month.  Use a soil thermometer to see if its alright to sow outdoors. 
PLANTING – Its time to plant those bare root fruit trees and roses.  Also you can do transplanting now of those larger shrubs.