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Saturday, Feb 3 @ 10:00 am
"Fruit Tree Pruning and Dormant  Treatments" 
with Jeff Cope, HGG

Confused about how to prune your fruit trees? Join Jeff, owner of Home Grown Gardens, to learn about the proper pruning techniques, tools and timing to maximize fruit production and increase overall health and beauty. Jeff will guide you through the steps of pruning your fruit trees with live demonstrations and detailed visuals. Come and see how to shape your trees for long-term strength and abundance, and gain confidence in making the right cuts!

Saturday, Feb 10 - Join us at:
"Insights Into Gardening"

Visit our booth at the Master Gardener "Insights Into Gardening" event at the LaSells Stewart Center.  This event is a day-long seminar offering practical, hands-on learning for home gardeners and gardeners-to-be.

Saturday, Feb 17 @ 10:00 am
"Winter Pruning" 
      with Jeff Cope, HGG
The bare branches make late winter a good time to prune a number of things in the garden, from vines and shrubs to trees. Jeff has extensive pruning background and will tell you about many of the things that should (and should not!) be pruned around this time, and how they should be pruned to improve structure and health.  He will also discuss 'dormant spraying' your fruit trees.

                       Come see a "live" demos on pruning! 

Over the 2015 Christmas holiday break,
we completed a landscape install on
              a project in Gaston, Oregon for the national TV show

                       Tiny House Nation!! 

             Here are a few pictures of our crew hard at work! 

          LCB# 8849